2014 LGBTI Victorian Election - Survey & Party Responses

The VGLRL is pleased to present the results of our 2014 LGBTI Victorian Election Survey to provide information for the LGBTI communities when considering which party to support this election.

The VGLRL does not endorse any party, or candidate, but has provided an objective assessment of the responses received to the questions we presented to the three political parties. As can be seen from the assessment there are lot of questions that have been unanswered by the major parties. This can be seen as an opportunity to work with the incoming Government to educate, advocate and articulate why these issues should be taken up.

The 2014 Victorian state election will be decided by a handful of seats, including the seat of Prahran where LGBTI issues have featured heavily. Preference flows in the Legislative Council could result in conservative micro parties holding the balance of power. If this were to occur, bi-partisan support would be needed to pass pro-LGBTI legislation. As always, it is important you are aware of where your preferences end up if you vote in the Group Voting box – read http://www.abc.net.au/news/vic-election-2014/guide/group-ticket-votes/ to know where the preferences flow.

Anna Brown & Corey Irlam
Co-Convenors, Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby


Download a compliation and assessment of all party responses here
Read our media release

Download a blank copy of the survey sent to the partys here

Read the original responses from each of the parties

Victorian Liberals 

Victorian Labor (and the ALP LGBTI Policy Flyer)

Victorian Greens

Meet your State Election 2014 Candidates.

Hear how each candidate plans to contribute to the LGBTI community in areas of:

  • Adoption Equality
  • Discrimination
  • Improving the recognition of same sex relationships
  • Policies regarding older LGBTI people
  • Strengthening LGBTI community, capacity and engagement
  • Supporting same sex and gender questioning young people
  • Trans and intersex documentation

Your Lobby has partnered with Australia's PrideTV.com to bring you this video series with candidates 

  • Clem Newton-Brown MP (Liberal Member for Prahran)
  • Ed Huntington (Liberal for Melbourne)
  • Fiona Patten (Sex Party for Northern Metro)
  • Harriet Shing (Labor for Eastern Victoria)
  • Kathleen Maltzahn (Greens for Richmond)
  • Martin Foley MP (Labor Member for Albert Park)
  • Neil Pharaoh (Labor for Prahran)
  • Sam Hibbins (Greens for Prahran)
  • Sean Mulcahy (Greens for Bentleigh)
  • Shannon Eeles (Liberal for Albert Park)

Watch on our YouTube channel or PrideTV.com.au


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