Minutes - Annual General Meeting 2013

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Minutes - Annual General Meeting 2013


Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

Annual General Meeting


 7 November 2013

The 86, 185 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3070



1.           Welcome (inc Attendance & Apologies)

Anna Brown (Chair), Sally Goldner, Brigitte Lewis, Dale Baldock, Ed Yap, James Campbell, Carl Katter, Lee Carnie, Angela Bell, Jamie Gardiner, Corey Irlam, Janet Jukes, Chris Gill, Felicity Marlowe, Geoff Richards, Dennis Altman, Ben Riley.
Apologies: Luke Gahan, Greg Garrett, Holly Cooper, Greg Axtens, Peter Gourlay, Paula Gerber and Douglas Pretsell.

2.           Confirmation minutes of 2012 Annual General Meeting
Motion: That the minutes of the 2012 AGM be accepted
Moved: Sally Goldner, Seconded: Felicity Marlowe, Motion carried

3.           Presentation of Annual Report by co-convenor

·         Co-convenor, Anna Brown, presented her report on the activities of the VGLRL during the year. Anna noted that the year has had some significant successes for the VGLRL.


·         Anna noted achievements in the areas of:

·         Federal anti-discrimination reform, which was the result of collaboration and cooperation between the VGLRL, Transgender Victoria (TGV) and Organisation Intersex International (OII), the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, and the work of Corey Irlam

·         The 2013 federal election, including a highly successful election forum hosted in collaboration with TGV and OII, with a live cross to ABC 24, and the publication of a national survey recording the positions of the major parties on LGBTI issues.

·         The establishment of an online, automated payment system for VGLRL memberships

·         Communicating with our members with e-newsletters and updates and establishing a media release distribution system.

·         Expanding the VGLRL’s online presence including a regular blog.

·         Expanding the VGLRL’s presence in the media including social media and responding to key issues.

·         Events, including the 2012 end of year event at Trades Hall, a social event at Markov Place in early 2013 and a seminar co-convened with Australian Marriage Equality in late 2012.

·         Continuing the work of the No To Homophobia campaign including the launch of the ‘Promise’ initiative for IDAHO in May 2013.

·         Continuing engagement and advocacy with Victoria Police, including contributing to the GLBTI Reference Group, and preparing a submission to the Victoria Police inquiry into field contacts and cross-cultural training.

·         Advocacy on behalf of Dennis Altman in relation to his partner’s death certificate to ensure a correction was made to remove the reference to his marital status as “never married”. Discussions continue with Victorian Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages in relation to systemic reform. 

·         Together with Jamie Gardiner, Liam Leonard and Matt Dixon, meeting with Member for Prahran Clem Newton-Brown and Victoria Police regarding the expunging of historical gay sex convictions and developing a research paper to inform and influence the reform.

·         Lobbying the office of Mary Wooldridge, Minister for Mental Health with a view to working with Rainbow Families to progress adoption reform in Victoria.

·         The year ahead will see the VGLRL focus on:

·         the 2014 Victorian state election, in particular:

                                                                 i.    removing exemptions for religious organisations in anti-discrimination law

                                                                ii.    lobbying for a funded LGBTI peak body

                                                               iii.    reform to expunge historical convictions for gay sex offences.

                                                               iv.    Removing discrimination against same-sex couples in adoption law.

·         Anna thanked all Committee members and non-Committee volunteers for their efforts over the past year.

·         Motion: That the report of the Co-Convener be accepted
Moved: Dale Baldock, Seconded: Sally Goldner, Motion carried

4.           Treasurer’s report

·         Sally Goldner tabled the VGLRL financial reports for 2012/13.

·         The VGLRL is in a solid financial position, and finished 2012/13 with a surplus of $575.

·         Sally noted the success of the fundraising event organised by Ed Yap.

·         At 30 June 2013, the VGLRL bank balance was $8,172.

·         Sally has prepared a budget for 2013/14.

·         Receive and consider the statement submitted by the Association in accordance with section 30 (3) of the Act

·         Appointment of Auditor for 2012/13

·         Motion: That the report of the Treasurer be accepted
Moved: Sally Goldner, Seconded: Carl Katter, Motion carried

5.           Election of ordinary members of the committee

·         The Secretary, Dale Baldock, reported that there were five vacancies, and two casual vacancies for election. Nominations were received from Anna Brown, Dale Baldock, James Campbell, Sally Goldner, Carl Katter, Brigitte Lewis. All nominees were deemed elected.

·         One casual vacancy remains to be filled. The Committee will consider these nominations and reach a decision at its next meeting.

·         Motion: That the report of the Secretary be accepted
Moved: Anna Brown, Seconded: Brigitte Lewis, Motion carried

6.           Special Resolution to amend Rule 4

·         Dale spoke to a Special Resolution to amend VGLRL Rule 4, which relates to membership. The amendment makes minor changes to facilitate the VGLRL’s new electronic payment system for membership fees. The amendment removes the requirement that payment for membership fees be in cash, and that they be paid by 1 July each year.

·         It was proposed that Rule 4 be amended to read:

·         Rule 4: Categories and cost of membership

Members of the Association will comprise any individual, family, organisation or incorporated body who support the Mission and Statement of Purposes of the Association, through the payment of an annual membership fee, to a value and category determined by the Committee in each financial year, and is payable in advance each year, comprising of the following categories: Individual Members; Family Members; Organisational Members; and Honorary Life Members.

·         Motion: that the Special Resolution to amend Rule 4 be passed.
Moved: Dale Baldock, Seconded: Anna Brown, Motion carried

7.           Other Business

·         Greg Axtens noted, via a report to Anna Brown prior to the event, that implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has commenced, and that it will be important to ensure that it is delivered in a way that considers the needs of LGBTI people.

8.           Meeting close 6:20pm


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