VGLRL's Election Policy


To provide guidelines for the activities of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLRL) during election campaigns. To guide the VGLRL in its interactions with political candidates and parties during election campaigns.


This policy will apply to all Australian Federal, State and Local Government Elections and Referenda.


The mission of the VGLRL is to achieve equality and social justice for lesbians and gay men. We are active in representing the community through lobbying, advocacy and community education, and by working closely with community groups and other relevant organisations.

We are concerned with state, federal and local government political processes and acknowledge that lobbying of our elected representatives is crucial in seeking law reform in areas important to lesbians and gay men.

In taking on these lobbying activities, it is necessary for us to work with individuals and parties of all political persuasions and highlight their positive and negative positions on gay and lesbian issues.

Our comments on political matters and our activities during election campaigns will be guided by the following principles:

We welcome the candidature of any openly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender candidate, on the basis that this increases the visibility of members of our community, and also allows us to be more adequately represented in parliament.

We also welcome the candidature of any persons who have been:

  • active in the gay and lesbian community and/or its organisations
  • supportive of gay and lesbian issues have a track record with human rights and social justice issues
  • We will examine and comment on the presence/absence/adequacy of each political party's policies in relation to gay and lesbian rights, equal opportunity or social justice issues. Any party or individual candidate statements will be assessed in a similar way.
  • No member of the VGLRL Committee of Management shall at the same time be a candidate for any local, state or federal election.
  • VGLRL members involved in committees, work groups or as volunteers for VGLRL activities related to an election or referendum period shall declare to the Committee of Management any membership or involvement with political parties or candidates.

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